Question About Battleborn's Voice Chat on PS4

So I eventually looked online and found the way you can mute people (only in the lobby it seems), but my encounters with people who I actually hear talking has raise another question. Every time I hear someone, they always seem to not realize that people not in their party can hear them talking. That makes me wonder, can other people hear my friends and me when we’re playing together and speaking through a PS4 party?

That depends on how you have your party set up. You can set it so that your party chat stays party only, or you can set it to prioritize in-game chat. That option is in the PS4 party menu, not in game.

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Ok, cool. I’ll have to check it out. I don’t have a lot of experience with PS4 parties. I was hoping Battleborn would have more in-game voice chat options. Thanks for the help.

No worries. BB on PS4 used the PS4 party system, so you have to get smart on it if you want to use it. Annoying, but such is the nature of technology.