Question about BL3 coming to Steam

With BL3 coming to steam, will I and others have to pay for our preorder benefits again? Or will they be linked to Shift account? I’m hoping the latter, don’t have another $100 laying around.

Steam and Epic users will be able to play together.

I wonder if Gearbox will give us the opportunity to transfer Borderlands 3 from one store to another without having to pay twice, so we can use our favorite client. I know GBX is not CDPR, but one can just hope…

I hope the same, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I’ll go out on a limb and say this:
Epic and Steam are different “for profit” companies along with 2K and GBX.

If you must have the game on Steam, you’re going to pay for it.

So now I’ll ask, why do you need it on Steam vs Epic if you’ll be able to cross-play with all your Steam friends?

Is it the achievements that will then be shown in your Steam profile? If so I get that but I’m not a “have to complete 100%” type so I’m not seeing a need to uninstall Epic and switch to Steam.

I like to play with my Steam Controller. It can be done on Epic by jumping through a bunch of hoops to get it to work. But it is super flakey.

…Because Friends on Epic is broken. Currently, even with ongoing Support from Epic, my 16 year Steam account linked to Epic is not sharing my Steam Friends properly, what shows in the Epic Launcher are only Steam Friends that I removed years ago, one of them racist and it bugs me that person is back in my Epic Friends list.

can anyone even tell me how cross between steam and epic works?

how do we match make

I would assume this is why cross-play is happening through the SHiFT account system and the ingame UI. There’s no reliance on the Epic client, as far as I understand it.

Transferring games from one platform to another would likely incur all sorts of weird legal problems. It’s not a 2K or Gearbox thing, that’s an Epic and Valve thing. And neither of those companies would be incentivised to hand purchase orders to a competitor.

2K might be able to generate Steam keys for Epic orders? But I’m not sure there’s support the other way. I don’t know.