Question about Blast Master

Does the Guardian Skill Lead or Alive reset the Blast Master’s splash bonus? Or does this not count as reloading your weapons?

Trying to decide if I need to turn it off

I haven’t tested, however the mag refill Kill skill on the Juliet’s Dazzle doesn’t, I’d wager this works similarly.

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I thought about testing it with a Beacon to see if it triggered the nova. Not sure if that mechanic is the same as BM though, you never know exactly what’s happening under the hood of this game.

Afaik BM only resets when you do the actual reload animation


Is the a reason this couldn’t be tested in a minute on the jack dummy with any normal splash gun?

I realize now the wording I used comes off like I’m being an ass. What I meant is:

Is there actually something that prevents a simple Jack test? Can it be tested by just comparing damage alive vs in ffyl against Jack? I can’t remember the guardian perk well enough. I’d test it but I don’t have the updates installed.

I will try to test it tonight, I made the post last night right before crashing in hopes for a quick answer lol

The Beacon thing was just me trying to make things more complicated than they should be. A simple Jack test should answer my question.

Lead or Alive does not reset Blast Master. It won’t trigger a Beacon nova either, but don’t associate those 2 as there’s almost definitely an exception to them triggering at the same time. Blast Master checks the start of a reload animation while Beacon checks the end of the reload animation.


That’s what I was hoping for, thanks for the detailed answer!