Question about Broken Hearts event cosmetics

Do we hsve to unlock these rewards per character? Or does getting 200 hearts busted on one character unlock the cosmetic skins/heads for all characters?


It unlocks it for all but the per character user interface still allows you to click on the individual chests with the unlock animation though it does nothing after the first character for cosmetics. Please note I don’t know how it works with different vault hunters though.

I do have a FL4K and an Amara so I’ll check.

You need to unlock it once with one character. You’ll need to break 100 hearts only and it unlocks for all the 4 characters. Even if you don’t have Zane character for example. Once you start a Zane character, it will be in the Quick Change station.


You just saved me some time. Thanks!

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Event/shift code skins/trinkets etc. work this way, you only need to unlock once with one character and it’s added to your Quick Change station automatically for all your 4 characters. All the 4 characters have the same skins in look, but the droppable ones, like Jungle Jams for example, you’ll need to unlock it separately for each character. Heads work other way, because those are different in look. That’s why it was a shift code for the Spooky Surprise ones (I think) which unlocked 4 different heads for the characters.

Thanks folks!

Only the two weapon rewards are each per a character so you can get a heart breaker on each character you have or just get it once and send it to which ever character you want but yeah the others are correct about the cosmetic part once unlocked unlocked for all even future none same and none event characters e.g. ones you make when the event is over