Question about burst dash

So on the website, and on the wiki, it says that she dashes forward doing damage and knocking enemies. However in game she just hops in the air a bit and does AOE damage. You can move a bit, but it is by no means a dash. Is it intended that a move named “Burst dash” no longer includes a dash, or even a speed buff,or is my game glitching on me? I believe in game it says she just melees everything around her, so I have to assume it is intended, but i don’t know why it would be called “Dash” if there is no movement involved.

That move only comes out if you take the level 1 helix that makes her dash aoe. Normally, Burst Dash is a short-range dash with a single attack at the end.

Oh, so the helix that makes it AOE stops it from being a dash then?


Well that explains what happened then. Thank you for the explanation!