Question about Casual Build and Ammo Regeneration / fluid Gameplay

Hello guys,

I’m just a very casual Gamer on PS4, haven’t anything spectacular (no top rolls/annoited bonusses on about any item), which means, I can’t play most actual (item dependent) MOZE builds.
But that’s absolutely okay, as long as I still can have some Fun in M1 playing around :wink:

So, as I can’t play 1HP Builds (because of Sup-Par Equip as I mentioned, as I get downed too often), I try to find a Skill-Set which let’s me play smooth and fluid (and still thinking I am an OP BadASS :wink: , having fun at least in M1, propably also in TVHM M1.

As I’m also only at some Guardian Rank 20, no Guardian skills there either (like Shield Reboot).

Actual I’m running a pure SoR + BM Build, SoR maxxed to Tenacious Defense:

This is a very defensive Build, and I’m debatting if I should remove “Full Can of Whoop-Ass”, “Behind the Iron Curtain” and “Force Feedback” and put these Points into more “Drowning in Brass” and “Phalanx Doctrine”…

Now to my actual Equipment:

Shield :
The Transformer: for Shock Immunity, Self-heal Possibilities, Ammo-Regen on human Mobs
Alternatives I have: Back-Ham, Stop-Gap, Re-Charger, multiple Frontloaders, but none are special augmented, annoited, terrorised whatever

Grenade-Mod :
*(Mind you, I’m not a Grenade Thrower, often even forget to throw even a sinlge one during Boss or Badass fights :wink: so this is not an so important thing for this Build - 0 points in the blue tree :wink:
MIRV Hex (have Cryo and Radiation), switching sometimes to Epicenter
Alternatives I have: Stormfront, Firestorm, Nagata, Quasar, normal Hex, Trans-fusion Longbow(?), again none has special Bonusses

Class-Mod :
(This is a problematic Point, I don’t have good Mods here, I’m just writing down the Legendaries, but their Bonusses are all only mediocre at most, probably will even switch to a better just-epic variant)
Megaton Mind Sweeper: This thing adds sometimes a Micro-Grenade (Bonus-Crit-Damage), even without additional Points in the Blue Skills this adds sometimes a good amount of Damage
Alternatives I have: Bloodletter, though even worse other stats. Also multiple normal epic Class mods.

Artefact :
(Again difficult as I don’t have good ones yet.)
Otto Idol because of +Health, +Shield and +HP Reg - the only way to regen HP for me.
Alternatives I Have: Deathless, though again, bad values, no way actual to make a functional 1HP Build.

Now to my main Question, the Weapons.
Again please keep in Mind, as a Casual I don’t have all the OP Gear many do mention.
For example I sadly don’t have a “Shock Jackhammer” to Self-Heal my Shield, though I do have a “Shock Westergun” which can do it too.

Weapons I use normally:
Shocking AAA (Dahl), great overall Pistol, I don’t even need to switch to other Guns to kill things.
Venomous Hornet (Dahl), my corrosive Pistol, alternative is a Nemesis (also Dahl)
Sleeping Giant (Fire, Dahl), sadly no other good Fire elemental weapon yet…
Warlord (High Capacity, no element, Dahl), unlimited shooting, more or less

Other Weapons I use, f.e. on Bosses:
Westergun (Shock/Cryo, Maliwan), replacing AAA, for additional Self-Healing for Shields (Shooting on the Ground)
Raison’s Thorns (Corrosive, Torgue)
Foursum (in Corrosive, Cryo, Fire, Torgue) - If I can multi-hit, it’s devastating, though it’s highly situational
Devastator (Torgue)
Cutsman (in Shock, Fire, Maliwan)
Laser-Sploder (Shock, Torgue) - why doesn’t it heal my shields for me? :frowning:

These weapons have no Annoitments.

So to my other Question, would it be better, to invest Points into the “Matched Set” Skill to get +30% Mag for the 4 Dahls (and removing some Kill-Skills)?

Or would it even be better to add some Points into the Blue Set “Fire in the Skag Den” and especially “Means of Destruction” for additional Ammo Regen (even if then removing bigger Mag sizes from “The Iron Bank”)?
Mind you, I’m only seldom using Grenades, so Splash Damage would only come from specific Guns, which I’m still not sure which of the ones I mentioned would qualify for…

Thank you for your Help!

This will help a lot. Possibly keep Force Feedback until you get the Guardian Rank perk Shield Reboot. If you don’t go for Vampyr then unfortunately you will be limited to playing more defensively regardless of gear. Trying out your Stopgap is worth it, that 5 second invulnerability gives you a lot of time to take down the dangerous enemies.

Weapon wise at Mayhem 1 I wouldn’t be overly worried about seeking out any specific legendaries. Moze has the damage to make most things work at Mayhem 1. I’d probably look to add a Vladof weapon or two, Redistribution does amazing things for Vladof Snipers and AR’s.

I’d experiment with your earlier option of shifting around Shield of Retribution before trying this stuff. I will say though, if you are only keeping the 4 Dahls equipped then Matched Set is better than Iron Bank.