Question About Challenges ("The Compactor" I'll see 18/19) etc


I’m doing the Moxxi DLC snd when I go to the “ZONES” view and hit the “CHALLENGES” tab I’ll see a list of Challenges and for example under “The Compactor” I’ll see 18/19. When I select the Compactor all I see are the crew challenges 2/2.

How does one find out what the mysterious remaining challenge is or how to complete it?


That 19 is a sum of all locations, crew challenges, red chests etc. On consoles press left stick to see details.

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You see him in the quest. to get the trophy, you have to kill him again and he is a rare spawn.

Sorry for the lack of clarity - here’s what I’m talking about:

How do I find out what the remaining challenge is?

Check above.

Ah, got it!!! So on the compactor I need to find one location even though the map is completely illuminated (should be fun lol) - THANK YOU @GrzesPL!

probably this one right here, tiny place called “The Runs”. Was looking for it as well when i saw an Echo laying there, took 1/2 steps more than i had to to reach that echo and then i got that area. Guessing some people just grab the echo without triggering it and run past.


I ran into the same problem. Stuck at 98%. It ended up being a simple fast travel station all the way at the beginning. So if you open your map, and you only have one fast travel location in The Compacter, you are missing one and it is up next to the transition to The Spendopticon. Hope this helps


Any idea what location I’m missing?

Awesome thanks - I have that very issue! :slight_smile:

Hey I know its a little bit late and you might have already found the answer you were seeking, but I was in the same boat as you and I figured it out just now. After you beat the DLC a new mission will unlock in the Spendopticon called Double Down. Its weird how it works once you finish Double Down it doesn’t register as finished in Spendopticon, but in the Compactor zone perhaps its because that’s where the last part of the mission takes you. I hope this helps you out.

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