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First of all i must said sorry for my bad english. I know my english isnt too good. My native language is not english but i guess, hope, you could understand me. I will post this in the new forums too. I dunno if it will be considered as double/dupe post.

My question is about the number of challenges we need to do for reset challenges. I have been testing and i did notice that we need a different amount of challenges for some characters. I would like know the reason why we need to do a different amount of challenges. I am just curious.

All characters have exactly the same amount of challenges so why could be the reason for us need to do a different amount of challenges?

Here are some pics as proof that we need to do a different amount of challenges for reset challenges.

Athena (182 challenges)

Aurelia (182 challenges)

Claptrap (183 challenges)

Jack (183 challenges)

Nisha (181 challenges)

Whilhem (183 challenges)

Thanks you so much for your help and my apoligize for my bad english.

PD: Picklet challenge, challenge that you must paint a total of 5 pics of picklet, must be fixed because once you have reset challenges the paintings remain as painted.

I can’t answer your question, but your English is passable (even native speakers make verb tense and occasional spelling errors).

I never noticed that Pickle’s pictures never reset (come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve reset any of my characters in TPS). I would be surprised if Gearbox didn’t put that on their list of things to patch.

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There are challenges in BL 2 that don’t reset like setting the hanging skulls on fire in Frostburn Canyon. If you prestige, expect to only be able to do generic challenges and not area specific ones you’ve already done.

A guy with nickname “derch1981” from old forums answered my question. Here is the link that answered my question in old forums.

Click Here

So i guess this topic can be closed. My question was answered in the old forums.