Question about claptrap

So I just started my first play though of tps.

  1. I’m wondering if there’s anyway to avoid some of his action skills dumber effects. Mainly the one where he gets in one of those pool floats and bounces around. The rest of them are ok.
  2. For the subroutines are they random or can you pick one. If not is there some way to gain a higher chance of getting a certain one?

Also I’ve have this as a build only level 7.

You can’t avoid rubber ducky, funzerher, medbot, krieg.exe. There is a list of default action packages you can’t avoid somewhere.

And unfortunately, you can’t choose subroutines. The game is usually fairly kind to you though, and seems to give you useful ones a majority of the time (not proven, it just feels that way). Honestly though, the penalty for using the wrong weapon is fairly small unless you spec tripleclocked, and just using explosive will be enough to nullify it.

In my experience, the most useful Action Skill effects appear when you are low on health. For that reason, I only use the AS to refill my health when I am about to die.

As far as Subroutines go, I think they are completely random without any way to control their behaviour.

I’ve almost never gotten ducky or kirg when I use it to heal when I’m low. Most clappys dont go into the FF tree other than the points in Fuzzy logic and Safety First.

Thanks for the info. As for the action skill the only one I don’t like is the rubber duck. As for the subroutines I guess il spec them and hope for the best. I think I have noticed that when I have low health I get better action skills. Dead lift didn’t last long against funzerker and that blue pistol you get for having a bl2 save.
I really only plan on playing clap trap until I buy jack. He is pretty fun and I like his dialog.

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I know I’m not answering your question, but everyone else did a good job.

But again I’ll say that you really should spec into Safety First, its an awesome skill. And it is reliable, it always alternates between the 2 subroutines (as long as you aren’t specced into All the Guns). Its one of the best survivability skills in the game, especially early on, and in conjunction with Killbot.

I guess specing into it and fuzzy logic would be a good idea. Since safety first lowers damage but fuzzy logic raises crit damage by 30% so that should do more than the -15% gun damage as long as I hit crits.

Arbitrary fact it’s only like -13.2% gun damage or something similar, and when you get OLT and a Flakker, Ravager, Quad, ect… you won’t even know its missing.

Well that’s good to know. The boom trap tree does look like it’s the best one to go down.

Jack (or was it Angel) basically explains how to minimize the chances of getting a lousy action package in the echo devices: equip as high a number of other, useful packages as you can, and bury the lousy ones in the odds. Let’s say you only had two packages available (not possible in the game; this is just an example), one you don’t like and one you do. You should expect to get them both 50% of the time. If you have seven, only one of which is one you don’t like, you should only see it around 14% of the time.

On that note, as I read the wiki article, it says that Clap-in-the-Box will put Claptrap into Fight For Your Life if another enemy is not injured (as opposed to killed) with the detonation. Is that accurate? I thought you had to kill someone with it to avoid FFYL.

I missed the echo while I was listening to it the other clap trap started talking and it cut off the echo. What do you mean by equip action packages. Also I have no clue about the Clap In the box i haven’t seen it yet.

Skills like ‘I am rubber, you are glue’, ‘Livin’ near the edge’, ‘Tripleclocked’, ect… will do what the skill says, but it will also give you a new action package to be thrown in with the default ones. So the more of these game changers/cap stones you spec into, the less likely you will get Rubber Ducky.

Which IMO is actually a pretty decent action package, only Meat Bicycle is truly bad. But I’d rate Rubber Ducky as better than…

  • The turret-trap, blight bot, med bot, selfless sacrifice, Clap-in-the-box, Laser inferno, One shot wonder (on most guns), and of course Meat Bicycle.

Oh man, I love Laser Inferno. Meat Bicycle is the only one I might roll where I’ll step out of combat and let it wind down before continuing.

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Yeah I saw that the cap for the boom trap tree adds a pirate ship package looking forward to that. Also since I’m only lvl 7 I can’t really rate the packages. Except I find rubber ducky makes it hard for me to aim.

I use a Flakker so I guess I’m biased on how it would effect the performance of other guns. But I think it has 100% projectile based damage mitigation and a 100% chance to reflect those projectiles back at enemies. Plus it has good synergy with certain Oz kits.

I list all of the action packages in the skills guide, Pimp.

Me too. I did a little dance every time I got it. :wink: I really like Pirate Ship the most though. Walking around flinging cannonballs at everything is a blast…literally.

Gulf I read that post but only saw the packages that skills give you. Is there a guide on the forums about what the ones you start with do.

Oh. I’ll update the guide. Thanks.

Anyway, they’re:

  1. Miniontrap
  2. Meat Unicycle
  3. Funzerker
  4. Mechromagician
  5. Shhhh… Trap!
  6. Blight Bot
  7. Rubber Ducky
  8. Senseless Sacrifice (co-op only)
  9. Medbot (co-op only)

I’ve had all the starting solo ones happen to me at least in nvhm none of them are bad except rubber ducky IMO. I don’t plan on co-oping much so idk what the co-op only ones do. For the guide maybe add a description of what they all do.

Added. The two co-op ones will only show up if you’re in co-op, so don’t worry about them.