Question about class mods and scaling

I found the below class mod while leveling my Fl4k. They’re a pretty badass class so far, but I don’t know if this mod is worth keeping long term. I’m not running a gun build and by the time i hit 50, I don’t know if I’ll need this anymore. Since the bonuses are all % based, does this scale to 50 alright, or would there be better mods by then to go for.

It’s still good for 50, especially if you use an Assault Rifle or SMG. The only thing that changes on Legendary Class Mods as you level are the bonus 3 stats at the bottom, the higher the level the higher the bonuses can be. I think at 50 the highest AR or SMG damage you can get is 31%.


Thanks. I’ll keep it around then.

I’ve played this series for 10 years and I don’t think I’ve ever really sat down to do a lot of number crunching. I just casually play with gear, and when I find stuff like this, I literally don’t think about it. Havi g read the forum lately, it seemd like this one was worth asking about.