Question about class mods & relics

Does a proficiency relic for cooldown and a class mod also aimed at cooldown stack together? Example: Axton is level 57 and I have a relic that’s 31% cooldown and an engineer class mod at 33% cooldown. As well as 4 points in resourceful 20% cooldown. So, doing some quick math that’s 84%. That should bring his cooldown from 42 seconds to about 9. I’m counting 25 seconds. So am I missing something or just not getting how cooldown works?

Side question: Anyone gotten anything good from the golden chest? I know I haven’t.


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They don’t combine the way you’ve added them together, but I’m not entirely sure of the actual formula. You could try checking the Borderlands Wiki to see if anyone’s done the math on it. A 9 second cool down on Axton’s turrets would be totally OP though.

Depends a little on your definition of “good”. It’s a guaranteed at-level drop of purple or e-tech gear, so it’s always good in that sense. If you’ve got a character that’s stuck for gear at some specific stage in levelling up, then it can be fantastic (although you might have to burn a few keys to get what you’re really looking for.) If you’re at end-game, though, you won’t find too much there that you couldn’t find better by actively farming.

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Yes, they stack togheter, but not as you wrote, otherwise it would be possible to get to 100% cooldown reduction.
It’s a multiplicative formula that I don’t know, thought; basically every new source of cooldown reduction you add has higher diminishing return.

You can try for yourself: check how long the cooldown lasts with only the relic; then again with the relic and the class mod and so on. After that you could calculate the effective percentage, if you want.

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Wiggity wham wham wozzle! (Boredom + Google + thinking about Futurama (RIP))

Cooldown Reduction Formula!

Seems to add up to the numbers you have in your OP! :slight_smile:


In my experience the diminished returns of trying to stack these is not worth it. If I have a Bone equipped, points in Resourceful are wasted.

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I’m on the other side of that particular matter. I run Double Up + Gemini, and stack all of the cooldown that I can. Diminishing returns are definitely a thing, but I dislike Grit, so I throw the points into Resourceful. Since I don’t go heavy explosive, elemental weapons are big wins, making a Bone the natural choice. Legendary Soldier, because Legendary Soldier.