Question about Class Mods/Skill Points

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Wondering if anyone knows at what levels Class Mods jump in the number of skill points they give. I’m mostly interested in Celestials (obvs!), but also wondering whether there’s just a standard formula. Thx!


At level 50 you will get the maximum number of points for each skill.

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Yes, that I know, but thank you for the reply. I’m interested in when +2 turns into +3, etc. Like I have a level 24 celestial that is +2s across the board, but my character is now level 35, so wondering when I should start paying for purples/using golden keys/spending moonstones on grinds/etc., so that I can get one with +3s, and later +4s. It would be helpful to the rhythm of leveling up my characters.


I think it’s one additional skill point roughly every ten levels on class mods.

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Did a check on my class mods mule. Across all Celestials I’ve ever found –
level 22 = +2
level 27 = +3
level 35 = +3
level 49 = +4
level 50 = +5

(Nathaniel Kehler) #6

For the Celestials, it’s

+1 from 1-12
+2 from 13-24
+3 from 25-37
+4 from 38-49
+5 from 50-60

Basically, it goes up a point for every 12.5 levels, capping at +5.

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Helpful. Thx!

(Kritchie2023) #8

I believe nathaniel_kehler is correct. I have a lvl 38 Celestial Doppleganger mod which I thought was going to be +3 but it is in fact +4.