Question about Class Mods/Skill Points

Wondering if anyone knows at what levels Class Mods jump in the number of skill points they give. I’m mostly interested in Celestials (obvs!), but also wondering whether there’s just a standard formula. Thx!

At level 50 you will get the maximum number of points for each skill.

Yes, that I know, but thank you for the reply. I’m interested in when +2 turns into +3, etc. Like I have a level 24 celestial that is +2s across the board, but my character is now level 35, so wondering when I should start paying for purples/using golden keys/spending moonstones on grinds/etc., so that I can get one with +3s, and later +4s. It would be helpful to the rhythm of leveling up my characters.

I think it’s one additional skill point roughly every ten levels on class mods.

Did a check on my class mods mule. Across all Celestials I’ve ever found –
level 22 = +2
level 27 = +3
level 35 = +3
level 49 = +4
level 50 = +5

For the Celestials, it’s

+1 from 1-12
+2 from 13-24
+3 from 25-37
+4 from 38-49
+5 from 50-60

Basically, it goes up a point for every 12.5 levels, capping at +5.

Helpful. Thx!

I believe nathaniel_kehler is correct. I have a lvl 38 Celestial Doppleganger mod which I thought was going to be +3 but it is in fact +4.