Question about Cloud

I didn’t know where to post this.

If I have a disc and upload to the Cloud and then my disc gets corrupted or fails on me somehow will my data still be saved in the Cloud and I can reaccess it by getting the same game?

Also, if I bought the downloadable version of a game and already had my disc version saved to the Cloud, would that work? Would I be able to transfer the data over?

The game I’m wondering about is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. I know they have a cross-save function so is that all I need to do?

Sorry I didn’t know if I should post here or in BL: HC.

I had the HC as disc and then when getting a 2nd xbox for coop without splitscreen I downloaded it on husband’s xbox, and then also switched to digital on mine (because lazy and don’t wanna change discs :joy:). All data was there. As long as the cloud doesn’t fail you it shouldn’t matter if you have digital or physical version.

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Moved to Handsome Collection.

When you say “disc”, do you mean a physical game disk, or are you referring to a game installed by digital download to a hard drive?

On console at least, if you bought the game on physical disk you will always need that disk to play the game due to the way DRM works - even if the disk isn’t accessed during game play, you’ll need it to launch the game in the first place. If that disk fails, you’re game data will be safe on the console hard drive and cloud sync, but you won’t be able to play until you can re-establish your right to do so (which in this case would mean either buying the digital version or another disk.)

I have a physical version of the game (disk). So if I buy the HC digitally, will my save files from the disk be there on the digital copy? I just want a backup plan essentially because my game keeps crashing nowadays.

Yes - the digital copy basically should allow you to access your game and save files without using the disk to activate the licence when you want to play.