Question about community day heads/skins

I read somewhere that there were patched into the loot pool permanently and had been or were planned to have been made solid items instead of poofing ninja ones when you save/quit.

Is there any validity to this or am I farming loot piles endlessly with no hope of ever finding these again?

Yea, as I recall the team added those to the general loot pool a couple months ago. That’s good news too because now you don’t have to bash your head against Bullymong piles all day!

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Thanks for the confirmation, here’s hoping :smiley:


This is awesome but is there a defined location for mayas bumblebee skin???

Negative. Any one could drop from any source at any time.

Nooooooooooo that is harsh. But thanks for the quick reply. Wish I’d had a Internet connection when the shift codes were out.

Now my life just got harder, something else to obsess about.

What Sméagol said … :dukegoof:

Hey Rock, guess what I have for you :wink:

One-Eyed-Jackie add me up any time and I’ll toss it to you.

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I’m at 95 skins right now, SO close!

Stupid… (Expletive removed)…Community day…(Expletive removed)…Lootpool…

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Psn is rockshox I have some rare skins and heads in my bank, not sure if u have them. Been colluding with @gunzerkus for past few months in the hunt for heads and skins, hunting and trading respectively, so it’s possible I have what u have and vice versa. If you list me what you have missing from ur collection I will keep an eye out on what drops. Maybe also toss @gunzerkus a head that’s atleast good to look at as his chars are frighteningly ugly when he’s in my game :smiley:

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lol … Sméagol knows … Sméagol has mirror … :dukestar:

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As @rockshox00 and I have indeed been partners in grime since end 2015, as soon as I got the Bumblebee
and could get Shox away from farming bitches at the BNK3R, I handed it over.

This happened in the 4 hours between @JoeKGBX’s despair-provoking “any one any source any time” statement and your friendly, later toss offer, so my drop was not in any way any attempt to pull
the red carpet out from under you, but a mere timing matter (plus I couldn’t stand the moaning).

Everybody happy?

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@gunzerkus indeed you did hand over the bumblebee to silence my moaning which indeed I am grateful as you know :smiley: as always.

@joeKGBX can I have a temporary position at gbx so I can acquire the gbx maya skin, I make good cups of tea. Thanks

@gunzerkus as endorsed by brick my character is a siren an she is the prettiest…


@Jeffybug and I love tea! :wink:

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@Jeffybug @joeKGBX Yorkshire tea it is then. Everyone’s happy.

I await my application :grin:


@Jeffybug, @JoeKGBX and @rockshox00, y’all sooo off topic … :dukefp:

@Kitty_Jo, will you let this slip? :feet:

I hope not - let’s whip them into submission! :dukegoof:


That’s fair – sorry!

So anyway – Community Skins!

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I leave for like a day to go play something else and THIS is what I come back to?


I would also like to apply for a temporary bitch position, free skins and the like :wink:

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