Question about Company Man Artifacts

I’ve never had one drop with weapon damage passives on it before. I’ve had elemental damage types and AOE, but never anything like smg damage, pistol damage, etc. Is it not possible to have weapon damage type passives roll on it?

Can’t roll weapon damage as passives. Weapon damage/crit damage is included as main rolls on the card.

Would be pretty OP to have 50% weapon on the top and 44% on the bottom.

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Wouldn’t notice this with all the insane damage increase in this game :rofl:

Tried swapping my drone for the cannon and cryo old god for the revolter :sweat_smile:

What the actual f***? :scream:

So, it could be a funny rare roll :rofl: it’s getting really easy to 1 shot bosses anyway

You can check what can roll on item on Lootlemon.