Question about cross save and BL2 save from before bank patch

Hey Guys,

I lived BL2 for a while but I took an xbox break. I now have Xbox One and am looking into getting the handsome collection this week.

I had 4 lvl 50s and a few mid level characters with over loaded banks (more then 27 items) I know they patched this. I collected weapons of all levels to use in my replays (i.e i have lengendaries from most levels).

My Question:

If I do the cross save, will it transfer all my gear in my banks or just the 1st 27 items? I know they made it so you cant add more and I respect this (although I was in it for the gameplay not the farming).

I played the first 3 DLCs but I am amazed how much more they made after I got out.

Not the end of the world if they done seeing as the majority are lvl 50 items and the cap is higher now. just curious and i cant seem to find the answer anywhere.