Question about Diamond Scoring

In the winter update stream, it was mentioned that they are bringing back diamond score for story missions. They also said that rewards won’t be retroactive. My quest is, if I scored over the diamond score threshold, would I get credit for that? I can understand it both ways, not getting credit for something that wasn’t in the game, but if my best score is gold is better than what I got for diamond, that doesn’t make sense either. Does anyone have insight on this?

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If they said it wasn’t retroactive then no you won’t get the legendary loot pack until you beat it again.

Mostly likely it will still be gold until you diamond it officially.


I actually don’t care about the rewards. I just want the rank to switch colors.

To me, the rewards, ranks, titles, and gear mean nothing. Actually the only gear I really care about are the ones that cost 0, I just don’t want to try and grind on some levels that I have already gotten that tier.

I think it might be a little confusing if the reward isn’t retroactive but the diamond rank is.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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I didn’t even see this bit of news. Super psyched for the winter update.