Question about Do Harm and Violent Tapestry stacks

The description says these skills can gain 10 max stacks but why am i getting x38 stacks? thats far above 10

The 10 stacks is for the for Max stacks of Rush. The little foot with wings icon. Both of those only give Max 10 if you only use one or both max is still 10. Avatar gives Additional 10 stacks and Phasezerker COM gives Additional 5 stacks. The most Rush stacks you can have is 5. Do harm and Violent Tapestry are different in that the have a separate stack mechanic than can be lost overtime. We don’t know if 99 is intentional, but past games have had similar stack mechanics.

ok so Do Harm damage bonus can goes up to x99 stacks? thats like +450% action skill damage. it sounds super overpowered(if it is possible to stack that high)

It’s extremely powerful, especially with Ties That Bind. You can oneshot whole groups of enemies with a single shot in TVHM M3 that way.