Question about Dr. Ted

Can any of the intelligent minds of this community help your own determine what it is that separates the NEW almighty lord and savoir of the Borderlands, Dr. Ted, from his other brothers, Dr. Ned and Zed. Although I have thought on it long and hard, this mind of mind is yet to reach a decision. My creation of Dr. Ted is almost presentable, but he is missing an item to differentiate him from the likeness of his brothers. Anything will do. Rest your mind and just give me a suggestion when you can. This is a very, extremely, important part of the 3d model I’m making for Dr. Ted. I have spent hours perfecting the shape, they eye features, the hair on his head, but without the certain item this is pointless.

TL;DR: What is Dr. Ted’s special item?

Thank you.

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So… his weapon or special thingy? Umm… ~rolls dice and other RNG stuff~
My RNG generator says either he has an actual PhD from a reputable medical school or a DigiPack3.0 (a jetpack that can be digistructed but emits a personally forcefield as well as air and has two laser turrets that go over his shoulder. Said turrets/jetpack controlled by two control stick thingys, one on each side of him)

Its kinda like how Dr. Ned has his mustache, while Dr. Zed doesn’t. Dr. Ted needs something like that, but different. Like a hat, or a tie. Something small like that to separate his looks from his brother.

Well in that case… ~more dice rolling and RNG stuff~
How about a spiffy tie? It could be striped and colored red (or crimson) and black.
Edity: Dammit, didn’t read all of your post >_< (you already mentioned a tie)
RNG result #2: monocle that can zoom in, the latest fashion accessory for fancy doctors?

An eye patch.

How about a scarred eye? Maybe with an eyepatch?

A top hat.
Everything looks fancy when giving a top hat.

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Nice ideas. I can make them all and show them for all to see, if i figure out how to texture in photoshop or something

A monocle.

Don’t forget the monocle.

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Also you guys can give me unlock-able head ideas. Anything you can imagine. You guys gave me a default head ideas

A monocle in the shape of a top hat.

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Can he be a cat person?

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Have him make a scarf out of living kittens, like that Hanes commercial where the guy had a shirt of kittens.

It’s his moustache.

A digistruct moustache.

Many hidden features.

Only if he’s strangling it. :see_no_evil:

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He specializes in Teddy Bears! (Ted)dy Bear! lol

If your squeamish dont watch!


Like the way you think.

If no Dr. Ted in BL3, that will only boost my success rate.

Also some self promotion, here’s my class idea so you can get some idea if needed:

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How about an extra long and twirly handle bar moustache, with a black cowboy hat?

[quote=“Kitty_Jo, post:12, topic:280228, full:true”]
Can he be a cat person?
[/quote] :smile_cat:


A Pulp Fiction themed head called “Zed’s Dead, Baby…”.

Maybe bald in honour of Bruce Willis who says that line?