Question about Dr. Ted

BetterOff Ted - msybe a combo of all three of his faces?

A Ned Flanders!

A Neddily Deddily or something…

Mr Ed? A Horseface with Moustache?

I like your ideas Flames.

No handle bar moustache and black cowboy hat? :cry:

Im ready to start making some ideas as soon as i get on the computer. But i need to find a good texturing program. I don’t know how to do it in photoshop… yet.


That’s not a handle bar moustache! That’s mutton chops IIRC.

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It’s Lemmy. He doesn’t need to follow rules.


Lemmy / Teddy/ Neddy / Zeddy for the win!

And all of them are doctors, too!

(If you don’t remember, Lemmy was the doctor in Brutal Legend).


It would be funny if they don’t talk about him because he’s probably one of the most esteemed doctors in the universe.

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You have earned yourself this:

You lie, he is the most esteemed doctor in the universe.

Even Better.

You’re ALL wrong! He is really…

Dr. Funkenstein


Trying to texture Ted in blender makes me want to hit my head against a wall.

This isnt just a thought in my head anymore. It is becoming real. Dr. Ted cult and belief in him is going to sweep across the world, it will be so strong that history books will remember his name. It will be called the “The Great Ted Awakening”. If anyone here works for a history book company i am prepared for an interview.

Were you good at fighting as a kid/growing up and like steak and robots?

[quote=“Greasy_Broccoli, post:36, topic:280228”]
Trying to texture Ted in blender makes me want to hit my head against a wall.
[/quote]Hang in there! I’m really looking forward to seeing him for the first time!

Well, this one time i got into a fight with a ginormous kid in the 3rd grade. I didnt win but i won at heart. I also like to cut my steak in the shape of robots, does that count?

I never textured in blender before, YouTube is my teacher, and Photoshop (Cant that be used for texturing?) is on the school computer, so i dont have to pay for it for the past 3 years.

Dr. Ted will happen. Dr. Ted is love, Dr. Ted is life.

What is an A diminished scale to the 4th power? Bacon or Ham? What is the capital of Assyria?



Is it Moscow?