Question about drops

My mate just finished pl2. We are wondering where to try and get legendaries in the vanilla game as he does not have the dlc and I do not possess any lvl 50 legends as I have the dlc. Any good places or shall he just rely on vendors

Old Haven and the Crimson Fastness have a good amount of chests for the enemy density. If you like mobbing and chest opening, go to those spots. If you aren’t afraid of Sythlids, there are a good amount of chests and vendors in the Dahl Headland too.

Have you ever stumbled across a map of old haven showing where all the chests ar? If so, could you link me to it?

Nope. I know that some of them are on roof tops and you have to jump to them from weird spots, some other ones are on the ground. Just have fun exploring. Also, if you didn’t know this, there is a mission in Old Haven that unlocks a chest in the Dahl Headland.

Yeah, I know. I’m mostly doing this for my friends benefit.

Also, if you teleport to the Underpass in Rust Commons West, there are 7 red chests in a short area: One on the overhang above the travel point to Rust Commons East, two in Tannis’ area, one next to the bridge where the Badass always spawns, two directly south of Rakkinisu’s area where all of the spiderants spawn, and the hidden Dev chest off the cliff from that Spiderant spot.


Here is a map of Old Haven which shows both red and white chest locations:

Old Haven Map

Thats a great resource, thanks. Atm we are trying aero’s recent suggestion and its working brilliantly. We are going to try use old haven soon though :blush:

Been using aero suggestion along with vendor farming and we achieved
Caustic thanatos x2
Thanks guys!