Question about early adopter pack

Forgive me in advance if this is somewhat of a stupid question. I may not have access to my console to play within the first 14 days of release (which is required to receive the pack) so is there any way I can sign on to a friend’s console and receive the pack and have it when I play on my own console?

You can give your account to your friend, once log in and receive all the rewards upload the save to cloud and download it on your console. What console are you on?

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Oh, forgot to mention sorry. I am on PS4. That sounds like it will do the trick. Thanks, I’ll try that.

Yeah, if PS4 it definitely will work.

As long as your account is signed on and play the game within 14 days. You’ll be good. Who own the console doesn’t matter.
Better to do it yourself though. Never, ever give your login to someone else or setup a console with automatic login at someone else place. Even little brothers can cause trouble.
Better be safe than sorry.

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Or kids. Got bitten that way once.


I only brought up console ownership because I was not sure if I received rewards on one console if it would be available to me on another. Are you saying that it will be?

As long as you don’t forget to upload/save your characters and profile. Yes.
As you are on PS4 I would copy them on a usb key too. Just to be safe.

The rewards (and save files) are linked to your account - in your case, your PSN. As pointed out, as long as you make sure your files are sync’d via the PS Cloud, you should have them. But +1 on USB also.

(I think this means you’d also need PS+, at least for the period concerned? Maybe someone can confirm if that’s the case)

For BL1 and BL2 we have the upload/download option in the game main menu but we can’t count on it for BL3 release for sure. That’s why I thought of the USB.

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