Question About Effervescents (Potential Spoilers)

I was wondering if the Effervescents had fixed parts/stats since they have no prefixes.

Some parts may be fixed depending on the weapon; for example the Peak Opener cannot have a scope but it can have the usual array of other parts. The Hot Mama is locked down on a couple of its parts too.

I wish they would display a prefix when applicable, would make farming slightly easier heh. :smiley:

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I was wondering if it would be worth to farm for better versions of the Writhing Deep set and the other non-Haderax drops (haven’t killed him yet.)

You only need to farm Toothpick. You need Retainer for the speed bonus so it’s level and parts matter very little. You don’t need shield capacity since Haderax’s attacks can be easily avoided after some practice (and even if you get hit healthgate mechanic keeps you alive at critical health). Mouthwash just outright is the same at all levels.

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All the effervescents have an accessory even if they have no prefix. For example, I’ve got a bladed Nirvana even though it’s missing the Acuminous prefix.

The Overcompensator is locked to Social (general upgrade). And the Amigo is locked to the bayonet.

As Rumplebunny said, some have parts locks (Hot Mama, Overcompensator, Peak Opener).

Sometimes the prefix is easy to see if you refer to the parts guide. But some accessories are identical.