Question about Eos legendaries

Is it possible to get legendaries from Eos after killing him the first time?


If I remember correctly EOS has a guaranteed legendary drop.

Rightfully so, longest damn borderlands fight ever on solo. The first battle with him on normal took about 3 hours (not continuous, died a lot).

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yep. got a corrosive pitchfork.

Guaranteed legendary during the mission !

And unless you already know how to kill him (build, guns, etc…), it’s a really long fight ! I think it took me 1h30 or 2hours to kill him the first time…

the fight with eclipse took me WAY longer. And like 5 tries. I swapped coms and then Clappy shredded eclipse’s last 1/4 in seconds and EOS in like a minute.

First try was with Nisha, so I had lots of health regen

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And continues to drop legendaries regularly - at least every 2nd kill (going on recent experience where i have been killing him a lot)