Question about Event

Just to start haveny really played before after all the crap prelaunch figured id give it a try.
So in Challenges “Chaotic Good Cleric” How to get into Mayhem so i can kill the ghosts?
Also What is a Bloody Harvest Gun? I have gotten 5-6 legenaries from heck hole but none say Bloody Harvest?
Soory in advance they didnt have a general topic for BL3

Moved you into the right section.

Mayhem will unlock once you complete the main story. You unfortunately can’t access it before then.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe the game counts bloody harvest guns as anything that has a terror anointment on it or the Bloody Harvest specific legendaries.

You have to get and equip one of the 4 bloody harvest legendaries to get the challenge, Fearmonger, stalker, ghast call or the shield I can’t remember name of.