Question about explosion damage

Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed ballistic damage is higher than explosion damage in any given situation outside grenades(haven’t unlocked Moze’s nuke yet btw). Is there a build out there that’s tailored to dish out some Micheal Bay justice? In BL2 I kinda avoided a lot Torgue weapons(in spite of how much I f***‘n love it’s hype man lol) because I saw a lot of enemies say “so what” whenever I lit them up. All fairness, I swear there’s something I have to be missing. Any thoughts folks? I’m fine stickin’ to ballistic damage and elementals and what not, but if there’s a way I can make myself Torgue’s mascot, hook a brother up. :wink:

I’ve been using the sticky mode on Torgue pistols and shotguns because each pellet you land increases their collective damage by 10% (at least that’s what it looks like). I’ve been wrecking shop with a double penetrating Echo pistol, which only fires is sticky rounds, but each detonates 3 times.

Outside of boss fights that I know have a large shield, I have a full Torgue loadout and a Moze with Demolition Woman down to the capstone, currently level 30 btw.

I run through EVERYTHING.

Like robot said, sticky mode is the key. That, and hitting criticals. I use an AR for long-ish distance, a handgun for mid range, shotgun for one or two shots, and a rocket launcher for emergencies.

I chuck out grenades almost constantly because if you’re specced into Means of Destruction and Pull the Holy Pin, you won’t need absurd gun damage… but you’ll still have it if you need it.

I never run out of ammo, despite me unloading as many rounds into enemies that it ends up being overkill. I’d say about 70% of the time I could’ve detonated all the stickies instead of wasting those rounds. Get yourself at least an AR or a shotgun, green rarity is just fine. Try sticky mode on mobbing for a little bit. It’s a slightly different playstyle, but not really. Reloads take a while, but that’s about the only downside.

The explosions almost always cause a stagger of some sort and if you’re in impact mode, the sheer stopping power of the rounds causes a stagger to slow down enemies.

Now, the one thing I’m not sure of is if Torgue is so strong in Moze with DW spec or if Torgue is just that awesome. I remember seeing Bahroo wreck house using Fl4k with a Torgue AR, so I think Torgue is a solid manufacturer.

Torgue are great, demolition chick is great, combined they are awesome, I’m lv 50 now doing tvhm with mayhem and all I’ll say is that having torgue with different elements is needed like I have legendary granade that deal fire dmg but when I’m using it on enemy with shields it deal almost no dmg so I have to chip down shields with electric torgue and than nuke them with nades, some tough mother love making sons of women with taximeter in their crouch, have 3 types of “health” bars so u kinda need weapons with different elements. But when I was beating normal mode i basically just nade them all didn’t care what element it was, didn’t care what enemy