Question about FA gear

Im new to Fl4k and really like him but struggling finding a good build. Before 2.0 i was running Rakk ASE build and enjoyed it. I run M6 btw. Im seeing the FA build being more popular after 2.0 unless im missing something. Ive been trying to get a Monarch but its not dropping. I did get a decent Dictator, will that be a good substitute? Also any suggestions, tips or vids will help for any build. Im tired of looking for vids and checked on here but it seems you have to have very specific gear outside the new Cartel gear which i dont want to be bound to. Any advice will be much appreciated.

When I played I preferred a Rakk Attack build since it will pretty much have your AS anoints up all the time. Definitely better for mobbing. I used FA when fighting bigger enemies or for Bossing. The build I ran was super versatile and allowed me to use whatever weapons in the 4 slots (I favor Jakobs.) I was able switch between RA and FA without changing any skills or changing skill points allocation and it was so fun. At the end of the day you should play what makes you most comfortable. I played into the FA hype for awhile but realized that RA if used correctly is better overall.

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What mayhem are you running? Also do you still use this build now?

Monarch is so much more potent than the Dictator it’s shameful.

Until we get some weapons balancing, the M6 variants are pretty much the only thing to use for M10.

ASA 200, ASE 100, ASE N2M, 300 >90 and <50 150 Rad are the annoints to look for. Fade Away annoints really suck lmao.

Outside of niche builds 3 shot Fade will almost always outperform GiTM for DPS. I run Not My Circus and Unblinking Eye. Until You Are Dead can be nice for a little more health regen and movement speed(unless you run Speed Demon).

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The reason you see FA becoming more popular is that Headcount is currently bugged and doesn’t reduce the cool down of Rakk Attack. You can still get by using Rakkcelerate instead of Flock N Load, but the fun of the play style is being able to spam rakk whenever you want imo, and not being able to do that puts a damper on things. Hopefully, it will be addressed in the next patch, then you’ll probably see people jump back on to Rakk Flak.

To answer your question about Fade Away, maximizing it for endgame requires very specific gear. You can’t really get around that if you want your FA build to be the best it can be. You have a bit of leeway depending on whether you go for GitM or 3 shot, but for the most part any FA build needs:

  1. A Headcount gun- something that can hit a lot of enemies very quickly. Brainstormer/Reflux is a popular choice here, but anything that can do huge AOE or hit a lot at once, like the Kill O Wisp, Lump, or high pellet shotguns, should do the trick. You’ll often use this to stack the Pearl, Stackbot, or CH anointment as well.
  2. Damage Gun- What you mainly deal damage with in FA. For 3 shot, this will most likely be a high pellet shotgun for the money shot and resetting FA cool down ASAP. You can also use snipers and launchers. For GitM, something like the Clairvoyance, Kaoson, OPQ, or Lucky 7 is a good choice. Since there is no “money shot” with GitM, you don’t need to worry about pellet count so just go with whatever the most powerful pew-pew gun you can find is.

The Headcount gun is non-negotiable. And for mobbing you want weapons that can either take out groups of mobs as easily as possible (3 shot) or weapons that can shred single targets as quickly possible (GitM).

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I haven’t played since mayhem 2.0 but at that time I was running mayhem level 7 without much effort with the build. Yes. Still will be the same build if I play again.