Question about Faction crates

Apologies if this has been asked before.

When purchasing faction crates, is the loot determined at point of purchase or when they are opened. I ask as I am currently hoarding Rogue crates for when Pendles is released. Obviously this is a pointless act if the loot is determined based on the loot available when purchased, and is a smart action if the loot is determined at time of opening. Basically, am I wasting my time hoarding Rogue crates for when Pendles is released, or should I save credits and buy them after he has been released?

Unknown, to the best of my knowledge. I think you should wait to open them…for science.

I do actually think its based on the point of opening, I have a vague memory that someone said they got skins/taunts for Alani that came from packs bought before her release. Though this is a very vague memory. I am also hoarding Rogue packs for Pendles, so we shall wait and see?

I also hoarded packs for Pendles. I think it’s determined when they are opened, but don’t quote me on that. I just think it’s more logical that way.
Well, we’ll get the answer eventually. Or maybe all of us will have bad luck and not get anything for Pendles even if it could be unlocked with the pre-bought packs :stuck_out_tongue:

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From a Gearbox dev posting on Reddit:

Confirmed: Contents of an item pack are generated at the time the pack is opened (not when you receive the pack itself).

Confirmed: If you save faction packs appropriate to a DLC character before the character is released, there is a chance of receiving skins/taunts for that character if you wait to open those packs after the character has released.