Question about farming: Grip vs Accessory

So… farming quest rewards is really boring. You dont always get that Flying elemental Sandhawk that you want, but sometimes it just happens that it has the Flying accessory and the element you desire OR matching grip and the same element. In this scenario, what should be better stick with?
Im farming for some gears for raid bosses and, man, it sucks. My Rabid Hail with matching grip never comes to me, and its the same with other ones.

I know that some guns need specific parts to work, like the Orphan Maker or the Bekah, but what is better in general?

Any feedback is welcome!

I’d go with accessory and element. Grips add more bullets to the mag and increase reload speed. Some grips add additional benefits like Torgue and Jakobs usually increase damage at the cost of pellet spread (shotguns) or accuracy. A Dahl grip on a Dahl weapon adds an extra bullet to the burst fire. For the Hail, I’d go for either a Jakobs or Torgue grip for the extra damage versus a Vladoff for the extra mag size/reload speed. But it really comes down to how much you want particular parts. They’re not required, they just make the weapon perform that much better.

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I usually just go for accessory and element if that applies, it takes too long to look for the “perfect” weapon

For the Sandhawk specifically: Element > Stock > Grip > Prefix

Dahl stock will add an extra round burst so that is more important than the grip. But even the element is hard to come by. That’s why Sandhawk farming sucks.

My advice is trade for it and save yourself alot of time.

So, in general, the added damage from the prefix is better than the mag size and reload speed added by the grip? Cause I found the reload speed bonus really welcome while mobing and raiding - specially if you are using moxxi weapons, or torgue/bandit.

Grip and stock are generally more important. That’s why I prioritized them ahead of the prefix. But with something like the Sandhawk, if I get two out of the four I’m happy. I would take the right element and prefix even if it had non-ideal grip/stock. You’re more likely going to have to settle.