Question about Forge

I’m sure someone has tried this already so I’ll ask… If I spec down to Forge in the BM tree and use a weapon with the Next 2 mags after exiting IB get 125% incindiary damage will that keep going as long as I think it can if I use a large capacity mag? Sounds like a fun “exploit”.

Not sure I would call it an exploit – it is one of Moze’s core mechanics.

You don’t need to spec all the way down to Forge to prevent reloads. You have Redistribution (which you can get an extra point in with certain class mods) and Means of Destruction as well.


True enough, for some reason it just occurred to me last night.

does that mean the the faisor underbarrel will generally keep this buff forever?

I have always meant to test whether switching off the underbarrel when its ammo goes to zero counts as a reload, but never gotten around to it. FWIW, i find that it rarely happens to me since the buff to regen.

It doesn’t

It does not count as a reload.


That’s one of my favorite things about the Faisor. Never ever accidentally reloading with Blast Master or anointments. No reloads when I’m trying to open a chest.

You’d think I would have used the gun since the buff because I loved the underbarrel since the game released.

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