Question about frequency of legendary gear drops

Does anyone know how difficulty affects drop rates for legendary items? When you play on advanced or hardcore does it just increase the number of chests available on the map or do the bosses drop their legendaries at a greater rate? Also, does the number of players playing affect this? If the number of players does have an affect it would be nice to have a slider to increase difficulty/increase the rate of legendaries. Maybe they will add the “badass” difficulty tho and we won’t need a slider.

The drop rate is too low on any difficulty. The final boss on advanced missions drop greens. Its Destiny all over again.


I think advanced increases the chance a boss will drop a legendary. The first time I completed an advanced mission one of the bosses dropped a legendary for me where I only saw maybe one legendary drop in normal mode after 30-40 missions.

OP levels would be nice similar to what Borderlands used however we had gear drops that directly affected our damage output. In Battleborn there are no “weapon” drops. Some gear will increase our crit damage. penetration rate, skill damage, attack speed…etc. It may be difficult to scale the game as Borderlands did without new gear with extra stats like a lot more health and direct damage modifiers. Though I wish it would happen.

OP levels would be cool. I was just talking about making it more difficult with current gear though. So if you want to play alone and want the additional challenge of two players worth of enemies you could try it (and hopefully be rewarded with an increased drop rate)

I´ll just push this, as I would appreciate some insight/experiences on this one too.

From what I can tell advanced does not increase the number of big gear chests. Also challenges seem to be quite random … I´ve gotten quite a few packs for challenges playing normal today and none for advanced yesterday.

As for the actual chance to have a legendary, or have a boss drop one, I can´t tell.
It´s been only like 3 or 4 legendaries for me so far … beta and release combined :expressionless:

So this data doesn’t have any real statistical signifance, but playing the Voids Edge solo on advanced it took 17 tries for warlord nix to drop a legendary. Also I started purchasing epic loot packs and got a legendary on the 5th pack. Maybe if some others could add to the data we could figure out the rates. I’ll add if I try anymore.

OP levels wouldn’t really work. They would either unbalance the game or would just be far more difficult for a lot less reward than most would be expecting.

Currently, any given gear item has a maximum possible bonus, regardless of its rarity. This means that you can have a white piece of gear that provides a larger bonus to a single stat than a purple or even an orange. The main difference between the levels, is how many bonuses they give, how they give the bonuses, what those bonuses are, and how expensive they are relative to the power of the primary bonus.

The only ways I can see OP levels working, is if they do one of three things.

A) OP levels only adjust what loot can drop, such as taking out the weaker drops and the worst of the negative effects, such as -damage reduction or -attack damage or similar negative effects.

B) OP levels act like a better advanced mode, with gear drops that would be common turning into uncommon, uncommon into rare, and so on.

C) A mixture of the two above.

Somebody did some data mining and discovered that advanced only affects which boss specific legendaries CAN drop. (Half are available in normal, while all, usually 4 items, have a chance to drop in advanced mode) I’ve played ALOT of both modes and have 23 non-battleborn specific legendary pieces, and all of my drops match that user’s findings.

so… i’ve done 65 story missions in a row,
most of them normal, but 25+ were advanced

not a single drop in OVER 30 hours of grinding.

this is absurd

RNG is a harsh mistress after all. Never will fogeot my 150+hours of BL1 with 4 legendary drops through all modes -.-

For further insight on legedary drops I highly recommend @lowlines recent topic evovling arround this matter

Don’t forget farming BL2 bosses to the point where you have return to the title screen or risk the game crashing on last gen hardware from all the trash drops! The number of hours I put into the BNK3R alone… I think carried the 5 other character classes right up to 72 and then some…Oh and farming Varkids for hours to spawn Vermivorous the Invincible…

Battleborn has been a lot more generous with boss drops and you also now have other ways to get legendaries like Loot Packs or Character Lore Unlocks, AND you don’t have to worry about loot ninjas running in and stealing the boss drop either, because everyone gets one!!

Trash Pile 1

Trash Pile 2

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Amen. I remember how we ran nearly insane while farming the Bee and Cobra…Holy cow the hours that went into that.
Compared to BL1+BL2 I´ve been very lucky so far. I´m just CR39 so far and had 6 Legendary drops in ca. 85 PvE missions.

was at 58 runs, now at 68 runs with no drops

on my 69th run, on advanced, i got a drop. FINALLY.

how is this ok? 69 missions? 1 drop???

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