Question about Gamma Burst Anointment

For the “when gamma burst is active, you deal 65% more radiation damage” on guns. Can i switch weapons once I started gamma burst? I have only 1 item with this anointment and it is not radiation element.

Doesn’t the anointment just add an extra hit as 65% of your gun damage in radiation? Like Gamma burst does for the pets.

I am not sure… I thought it buffed all your radiation damage and not only adding radiation damage to your gun.

I think it works like the anointment that add elemental damage on action skill end.

maybe, its not worded like that tho.

It adds a hit for 65% of your gun damage, doesn’t increase other radiation damage

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Specific to that gun I believe. And all it does is that 65% of the listed gun damage and adds it to every shot.

ok, thanks guys. Gamma burst need more love on every level I think…

Yea it is good when it’s going but is very lackluster compared to any other annointments I guess the handling fade away annointment sucks too


besides the Gamma anointment, The only one that is really useful is the cooldown reduction one IMO

Yea honestly fl4ks best annointments are rakk attack ones

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Gamma burst gameplay is my favorite tho, even with the lackluster anointement, i do not die 95% of the time now.


I die here and there my builds kinda a glass cannon and it’s not quite optimized yet. If I had more gamma burst guns that would change that though. I tried proving grounds in mh1 and mh1 is clearly too easy for me lol I have a kinetic picking devastator with the gb annointments and it one its everything lol

GB on fire guns is great though its practically constant radiation novas when you kill enemies


Along with that, anything that says “on action skill end…” is good. Because Rakk attack is short and therefore it’s quick and easy to trigger “action skill end”.

I think I have to try this annointment. I had been thinking that it would only help things already doing radiation damage. But I think it actually adds additional radiation damage to all your outgoing damage.

It adds bonus radiation damage to your equipped weapon, just like the ASE elemental anointments. It doesn’t matter what the element the weapon is, it will inherit 65% of its damage as an additional hit of radiation damage.

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So trying to run a GB build, I haven’t been very successful in M4 and I think it’s because my shield and grenade combination are not that great. All my weapons have the GB 65% bonus radiation damage on them and I have a pretty good Red Fang as well as a Atom Balm Otto Idol artifact. My shield and grenade have the basic ASE plus 50% elemental damage on them. However, during engagements I find it lackluster damage wise and therefore, because I’m not killing things quickly, I am going down way way more often then with FA or RA.
My question: is there a specific annointment I should be getting for my shield and grenade to help in the damage department? I dont believe I’ve ever seen a specific GB annoitment on a shield or grenade. Or is it just my weapons? I run with a cryo laser sploder, hellwalker, corrosive and cryo heartbreakers, shock cutsman, companion, ion laser and ion cannon. All of which have the GB annointment with 65% bonus radiation damage on them. My build is the typical Gammavore build as well.

Only one of them can have Radiation ASE. The other has to have something else. They dont stack. Maybe, for the grenade, use Shock or Cryo/Corrosive ASE depending on the enemy type you’re fighting? I’ve found it’s fairly easy to vendor farm a decent variety of ASE grenades.

Yeah, I know about the stacking thing, sorry I should have been more specific. I run a BBB with ASE 50% bonus corrosive damage on it and a stormfront with ASE 50% bonus radiation damage on it. I interchange them depending on what map I’m on, like athena I switch out the BBB shield for a purple booster shield that has ASE 50% bonus incendiary damage on it with the stormfront.
But I guess what I was asking is, no shield or grenade has a specific GB annoitment right? Because i do occasionally run a Fastball with the 25% bonus gun, action skill and grenade damage on it but find it underwhelming as well.
Idk, I just feel like M3, I can murder using GB. But M4, it vastly underperforms for me. Every video I see online has a Maggie and Brainstormer with the GB annointment on it. Maybe those are what make the build work, idk.

Not on grenades and shields. With your gear you should be fine though, I run similar stuff and gamma burst works fine for me.