Question About Gear Stats

Will gear stats not have an effect if they do something not pertaining to a specific character? For example, will a gear that decreases shield strength have no real downside if you’re playing as an Eldrid hero who doesn’t have a shield? I know the answer is probably obvious but I want to make sure I’m building my gear loadouts correctly.

Yeah, some gear do nothing on some characters

No. If a character doesn’t use a stat, it won’t suffer from having those stats decreased.

I think the only exception to this is if an item has minus shields and you receive an overshield for X amount, I believe it will decrease that by the minus shield amount… I could be wrong, will test later

I tried an item that reduces buildable costs when shields are depleted on a Miko. Miko had no shields to deplete so it didn’t get the buff. It would probably happen if I gave miko an item that gave it a shield.

But at the same time, I still generate shards on my OM despite not having any healing power to reduce.

Hello every one. I have a question or a suggestion and I hope one of the forum administration will read this. As example, u got a gear with 9.00 attackspeed and + 8.00 attackspeed for 5 seconds when you hit an enemy with a melee attack. Witch attack does it mean, when u got rath. The primary attack or the fast melee attack button? I don’t know how to use it, to get this working. Maybe it’s a good idea what when u get the duration from the second stats, what it would be shown as a little icon on the display. To know that the ability is active. Hope every one know that I mean. Because I’m German and maybe my English is not good enough that everybody know what I want to say :slight_smile: