Question about Gold Keys

Is there still a limit to how many you can have? I remember in Borderlands 2 once you get to 250 or something they reset. Did they fix this and if not what are the limits of Keys you can have in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel now?

They don’t reset, but the display on your inventory stops increasing. Just spend keys before you hit 200, and you never see this issue! (I’ve never understood why people insist on stockpiling so many keys, especially since they’re still being released.)

TPS is a little different because you can redeem the codes, but you then unlock them in Shifty Sheldon’s kiosk before you can use them in the golden chest.

There’s no difference between the individual versions and the Handsome Collection in this regard, btw. I’ll occasionally burn through a bunch in TPS then hit the grinder, just to see what I can get. I’ve got about 100 keys in BL2 which I really don’t need, so I stopped redeeming extra codes a while back.