Question about GOTY Enhanced PS4 and Purple Drops in Normal Playthrough

Okay, are they supposed to be dropping at lv. 5 at level 15? I SWORE purples weren’t like this in my previous Roland playthrough on PC. They do this in chests too, the top weapon in a chest can be way higher leveled than the bottom one. Usually only 3-2, or normal level.

I can’t answer your question but I can confirm this is happening on PS4 as well, and funny enough, I’m plying Roland. I don’t know about the others but a level 3 and 4 were coming from Marley and Moe or whatever, you know what I mean. I wouldn’t think so, but it’s been happening

It’s how the loot system works. Up until a certain story points in PT2, loot doesn’t scale to your character level but is designated per area or specific loot source.

Here’s more of an explanation, but this is intentional.

There’s a shack town built on a cliff in the middle of the Arid Badlands. There’s a good example of loot level zone vs. specific loot source. The bandits you kill are dropping stuff that’s like level 4 or whatever, but the chest here spawns stuff at Lv24. It’s all preset beforehand. After awhile you’ll get to a new area with a new loot level, and you’ll start finding stronger loot again.

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