Question about grille of the trickster head?

I was just wondering if you can get this to drop in the mutated arena or is it story mode only. Been farming shadowy to for a few days in arena and no luck

Bump! Anyone got any legit info on where to get. Just arena or story mode also. I haven’t seen many people saying they have these heads so they must be extremely rare?

This was a topic on the TPS spoilers board a short while back (take a look), but the quick answer seems to be you can only acquire the Trickster heads from 5H4D0W-TP while running the Mutator Arena. I believe he has two sets of heads and the main ones drop both in-story and in the MA while the Trickster heads have a rare chance of dropping only in the MA. I haven’t had time to test this myself so can’t completely vouch for it but others seem to have had some luck.

Thanks! Ya I did see the posts but nothing that was a definite. Looks like I will keep farming the arena since it’ s the only head I need and the few skins I need are unobtainable or just a impossible drop. Thanks for the response.