Question about Handsome Collection and Borderlands GOTY

Hey there,
From the handsome collection comes out a completely new version or comes as only an update on 3.april. I wanted to get it today.

And maybe someone knows where you can already order the goty in Germany?

Do you have to play part 1 before to play pre sequel and part 2?


Hi i would also like to know how the goty of the original game will be deployed. I t will be a patch or an entire standalone download? I have a crappy conection for large downloads so that info could help me prepare for that :slight_smile:

This bit I can answer! No: each game in the collection is completely separate; you can play them in any order, or switch between them just as you would with any other games.

For the rest of your questions, keep any eye on the GearboxOfficial social media channels or It looks like there are no pre-order bonuses, so I am assuming that full details will be in the announcement that’s scheduled for release day - April 3rd.

Right now, it looks like Steam download with the option to purchase physical copies from GameStop (in the US) for XB1 and PS4. The Borderlands GOTY Enhanced will be a separate game.

The 4k UHD upgrades for the other games are, if I understand correctly, available as texture pack updates? They will likely be big, though!

Edit: Info on the UHD upgrades:

BL1 then BL2 then TPS. You can skip BL1 if you want because first game provides very limited story, but you shouldn’t play TPS before BL2.

I’d suggest otherwise: the story is there, but it’s not narrated as such - you have to read it in the mission logs and side quest echoes.

Well, not if you want to get 75% of the in-game jokes, no!