Question about Handsome collection?

Hey guys and gals. So I played a huge amount of Borderlands 2 and was very active on these forums right up until I stopped playing. With the Handsome collection coming out I am going to be picking it up of course and saw that you can transfer characters as long as it is in the same console family. My problem is do I need my 360 still to do this? Because I haven’t had that for about a 10 months and only have my One. Or will I be starting over completely from scratch?

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Unless you backed up your saves on a usb before you got rid of it then I’m afraid you’ll have to start over

That is what I figured. Thanks for the reply. Oh well. Will give me a chance to get every achievement again, and play as my lovely Gaige some more.

It will be like starting fresh with hopefully better graphics and no crashing

I never had a crashing problem on 360. But yeah! gives me more to look forward to, as I will probably be playing through with my brother who has never played before.

If it’s like the Diablo 3 save transfer, then yes.