Question about head count skill

In fade away I’m scoring crits which removes cooldown time, i see the bar moving so i know it is working, but then soon as fadeaway ends it completely resets my cooldown back to the full time. Is this how it is supposed to work where it only removes cooldown while not in fade away or is it just bugged. Thanks for reading and appreciate any replies. Thanks in advance.

What you described is the skill working properly.
It is glitched though, rakks get it the worst but for gammaburst and fadeaway it will occasionally reset your cooldown. I’ve had it happen twice with fadeaway and it’s a constant struggle with rakks.

It literally happens everytime for me. Shame as it is a great skill.

You’re not supposed to have fadeaway fully charged up when you exit fadeaway, that’s what a stagecoach is for.

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I didn’t think so, that would be too OP, it is just weird that they designed it to fully reset fade away while you are still in fade away just to eliminate it back to zero soon as you come out.

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Yep, Head Count can get bugged in any given play session and instead of reducing your cooldown, it resets your cooldown timer completely, making you wait another cooldown period. When the bug occurs, every time Head Count procs, the cooldown glitch happens.

However, lots of times I find that if I save/quit or reset BL3, the issue with HC will go away. I only see the HC bug about 1/3 to 1/5 of the time, in my estimation.

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I feel like its a minor bug with the cooldown integer cause when Head Count procs and the cooldown goes under 0, it instead of going like -1 changes to a much higher number which makes the cooldown “reset” to the full amount. Though dont take my word for it, I’m just a beginner. I just wish it was fixed.