Question about her level 10 helix

Does anyone even use Gathering Storm?

I always choose Doppelgangup if/when I get to level 10 in a match, since up to 10 second cooldown reduction isn’t a lot for her ult, especially since it’s dependent on killing things.

If almost no one chooses it, then I have to wonder why it hasn’t been updated/adjusted to be a competing choice, and if people are choosing it, I would like to know why and how they use it with her ult.


I used it once. That’s when I was disrespecting holotwins damage though. There are other helices I’d rather have them get to first, as it’s not horrible

I tried to make it work a few times on some different builds, but nothing really worked out too well. The best use I could find for it was a duel character synergy between Ornedi and Deande where you keep locking down people while your buddy pillars them to death. But returns were small even on that.

And just as a little side note, while dopplegangup is the almost universally preferred option it also is far from spectacular. you gain very little advantage from being level 10 vs being level 9 no mater which helix you chose.

But if there was a mutation that let you stay cloaked while ulting or cut the wait time down…

Instant ult for Deande wouldn’t be that spectacular honestly, since you could get the range wrong, someone might be inside of it and you need to adjust. Being cloaked while it happens is a small thing too, since now you still get the passive damage boost throughout, and have, presumably, a holotwin attacking them from the other side, distracting them for a few moments.

Maybe change Gathering Storm to match it’s name better, like every hit increases the damage of the next hit, like Ernest’s lvl 10 helix?

Maybe Doppelgangup cloak you as if you used holotwin, in addition to spawning a clone?

One thing is certain though, I would really love for them to remove the self-stun aspect of her ult’s end animation.

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I suppose Gathering Storm is the better option when playing PvE?

Though Deandes kit isn’t particularly PvE oriented.

Nope, you don’t really want to be using her ult in PvE, unless it’s an enemy that can be stunned, or you’ll be killed by AoE attacks.

Brings up another point, can she please be invincible during it? I mean, she is teleporting around and has no visible body, just red energy outlines.

I didn’t mean instant. that was by bad on the wording. something like half the wind up time. And for the cloaked thing, I would think that as soon as the ult starts to engage your cloak would drop as with normal attacks. It would just be there to make set up a little easier so that the galilea dosent notice you and throw her shield.

I like that idea for gathering storm though. and for dopplegangup.

but this. this pisses me off. I might as well be giving the enemy a free kill to taunt.

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…That’s how her ult works, as soon as you push the button, it breaks stealth, unless you’d just like to be stealthed for 1-2 seconds while charging it, which in my opinion would be a waste of a helix.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fine with the wind-up time, usually gives me some time to align it just right to only get one person, and let someone run into it/back into it while running from allies. I have had times where I got two things in it though because it took a bit too long, or one person stepped out of it and a minion walked in at the last second, aside from that it’s fine though.

that. could be useful. maybe it would be a waste of a helix. but if it was in the game i’d definitely use it more than gathering storm.

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To be fair, most anything would be better than Gathering Storm. Still, with the correct positioning/timing, you don’t need to be cloaked during the charge time.

I was under the impression that she was immune to damage during her ult animation. I have never been damaged in it? Coming out of it is a different story though, since she reappears where she disappeared. All it requires is proper timing

Nope, she can be damages, killed, and even stunned while in the middle of her ult. It’s really stupid and confusing, especially since 1, you have no control over your character anymore, 2, your character has no physical body that is visible, and 3, you’re teleporting around across up to five different enemies. Yet she can be stunned, damaged, and even killed throughout that.

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The extra Holotwin is eh but the Gathering storm is awful. NO ONE waste her ult on minion clearing because it doesn’t do enough damage to clear a wave. It’s sad that they haven’t revisited her and changed her level 10 into something actually useful or cool. So for “Gathering Storm” why not increase the amount of damage for every enemy in the cone by 10%? @JoeKGBX

Well, that honestly sounds a little less effective than my idea of each hit does a % more damage, since the entire ult punishes you for getting more than one person inside it (Unless you mean to use it for full on support and not damage, which makes no sense for an assassin).

She does have a lot of helixes that need revising, since quite a few of them are things no one picks, or incredibly few people pick. (Increased health for holotwin+increased duration is so bad/ineffective when she has such low health to begin with, comparatively to damage+cooldown.)

I agree. The idea is more of a supportive thing. The idea of the original Gathering Storm was to attack minions or multiple enemies in general, so I was just adding on to that. I never read everything else in this thread. I was just putting something out there.

60 seconds cooldown instead of 70 is nothing, especially since this skill is not a spammable but a situational one, and holo-twin almost always increases your damage against both solo and multiple targets.

Ah, okey :stuck_out_tongue: