Question about hotfix on PS4

Hey everyone, sorry to ask cause I’m sure this maybe a simple question for you guys…

My question is, when the hotfix is downloaded after the start screen and I start a game session and exit back out to select character screen without internet connected does the hotfix stay? The reason I ask is my internet is down so I have had to use my iPhone as a hotspot and it gets expensive leaving it connected. I need you guys advice on when I have to download hot fix again. It looks like borderlands 2 keeps it but I noticed the pre sequel always downloads again when I go back to character select screen. Thank you in advance and sorry if this is a stupid question.

Anyone please?

If you are playing offline you should be able to connect your iPhone to get the hotfix and then turn the iPhone off. The hotfix should stay in RAM until you physically exit the game.

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What Beef said.

But also there’s nothing that important in the hotfix that you’ll need until your internet is fixed is there?

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate you all helping.