Question about insane damage from mind sweeper

Hey everyone, I’m a flak main and have started branching out to moze experimenting with her mechanics a bit. While testing the Mind Sweeper mod with a companion against the dummy I was getting damage from the micro grenades around 30k for regular and 60k for crit explosion of the micro grenades but every now and then they’d do almost 500k. At some point i got a 2 million damage explosion which I’ve attached a pic of. Can anyone shed some light on what’s going on here? I don’t know if it’s an interaction between short fuse and the mind sweeper mod but I found the short fuse explosive damage to be kinetic wheras the micro grenade damage (2M) were incendiary matching the element of the companion I was using for this test. Curious to learn what’s going on here, cheers :slight_smile:

What you’re noticing is that the grenades can proc themselves. So a pull the holy pin grenade will have a chance to create a new grenade. Every new grenade re dips on your splash and elemental buffs.

Here’s a write up of my own testing.


Thanks man, just read your write up and that’s a fascinating interaction. Explains the insane difference in damage I was seeing, Moze is going to be a lot of fun


Welcome to the Moze gang, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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To see what those chains can do in action


This looks fun as heck! I have a really good mindsweeper com with grenade damage that I never use.

I will have to play around with this!

The only problem is it’s entirely rng based. The odds of grenades re proccing themselves to that extent is far too low to rely on. Makes for some insane accidental one shots, however. I once had 60M hit on the test dummy. Not once since though.

Some people have gotten it to work someone consistently by using very very fast firing guns to increase the odds of micros proccing and by having a huge number of them you increase the odds of a chain reaction going off. Personally have found that really hard to do without super specific gear.

I did find this a looong time ago but haven’t seen any other guns with the same interaction. And to be totally honest I didn’t test it that well but I still have the gun and can do it again to check. It’s the Leech from an early quest.


I was running a Tsunami, a HippyHoppy, and a com with Maliwan Accuracy to make the Tsunami tighter. The Tsunami fires sooooo many bullets


I still haven’t farmed one of those. From katagawa ball right? I’ll see about getting one today maybe.

Yup! My preferred one was a Radiation on next two mags. Because crits and splash were already fire, and it does Corrosive, Kinetic, and Shock on its own.

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I was just farting around with a Bone Shredder and this COM… the number of grenades coming off was staggering. I’ll have to see if it was this phenomenon (though it looked like they were pouring out of its head like liquid… not even sure if this build uses Pull the Holy Pin.

What is this? The alternate fire mode or the gun itself?

Yeah, it has a Taser/life steal alt fire. Other tasers might work like this I’m not sure. Last time I did this was when the jack dummy first came out.

Needed SftR too.

It was a sticky rocket that constantly crits (if you hit a crit) and with SftR it had a ton of them going at once, but super low damage and useless. I’ll have to look up the bone shredder.

The Bone Shredder is much like a Magnificent or Leech - high-fire-rate Vladof pistol.

this com rely on rng , afterall its a 25% average more damage . (base grenade damage base on your gun + grenade damage on your relic and com)

worth ur time? probably not . if you cannot score crit every shot then the performance is worse than the average 25%.

The other ones do work, only they chain to 2 enemies, and do shock; whereas the leech chains to 4, deals incendiary, and has health regen

This depends how your built, when micros proc for me, incendiary are multiplied by 4.7 (can be 5.8 but i dont have that perfect roll)
Shock are near 4.2x, corrosive is 3.9x

  • this isnt including grenade crits, or possible chains (to respective targets)
    Also; not scoring a crit every shot on any build, is 100% or more less damage (since crits are x2)- but since here they can proc off grenade throws as well as tedi chucks; it can be made up

…ok, giving it a spin with full points in Pull the Holy Pin. As was mentioned, it seems like usually it’ll just proc a few more here or there, not so much that I’d rebuild around it (where the sheer fountain of grenades coming off the weapon fire itself is pretty fantastic).

Could you imagine that run if it wasn’t so rng dependent.

Wotan the reversible!

Are these multipliers a given constant while using a particular element with the minesweeper or is this being effected by specced elemental buffs on gear and skills?