Question about insane damage from mind sweeper

this com rely on rng , afterall its a 25% average more damage . (base grenade damage base on your gun + grenade damage on your relic and com)

worth ur time? probably not . if you cannot score crit every shot then the performance is worse than the average 25%.

The other ones do work, only they chain to 2 enemies, and do shock; whereas the leech chains to 4, deals incendiary, and has health regen

This depends how your built, when micros proc for me, incendiary are multiplied by 4.7 (can be 5.8 but i dont have that perfect roll)
Shock are near 4.2x, corrosive is 3.9x

  • this isnt including grenade crits, or possible chains (to respective targets)
    Also; not scoring a crit every shot on any build, is 100% or more less damage (since crits are x2)- but since here they can proc off grenade throws as well as tedi chucks; it can be made up

…ok, giving it a spin with full points in Pull the Holy Pin. As was mentioned, it seems like usually it’ll just proc a few more here or there, not so much that I’d rebuild around it (where the sheer fountain of grenades coming off the weapon fire itself is pretty fantastic).

Could you imagine that run if it wasn’t so rng dependent.

Wotan the reversible!

Are these multipliers a given constant while using a particular element with the minesweeper or is this being effected by specced elemental buffs on gear and skills?

coff coff

it works so nicely, that build makes me so happy.

Farming my Tsunami’s during month one of the game was my biggest challenge :joy: they’ve been my babies ever since.

I still need to find a ASE rad one with a sight that does not blind me >_>
My optimization is a bit poor still, even if the tsunami shoots a lot of bullets has still a bad base damage. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to use a ASE 100% DMG and move the anointment for ASE rad anointment onto the shield.

Gear + skills; 30% stoke the embers, 33% aoe, 30% grenade, 28% splash: with the 175% - 250% elemental modifiers (tvhm). Can add 160% splash anointments as well as a seccond 30% grenade on to go further

The first part shows weapon damage from a card crit of 50 damage. (Hypothetical splash weapon)
For the incendiary, it works out to x5.86 with all the gear (mindsweeper com + relic) + skill before the 160% anointment aswell as not counting FitSD

  • i feel i was a little off on the corrosive/shock multiplier; that was based on memory when i worked it out, i had this saved in a chat with @prismatic as i thought i messed up somewhere

Tsunami base damage is in line with most elemental SMGs, I think, and it puts out MASS bullets. We’re talking each spent bullet can be either a Ricocheting Kinetic, or 5 shock, or 5 Corrosive. It’s fire rate often keeps it in line with a double point in Redistribution, and if you’re throwing a grenade like a cmt or hippy hoppy at the same time, it builds to a pretty wild chaotic mess.

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I might be biased because I can sense the difference in power when I compare it to my (admittedly very optimized) blast master build.
But even with all the different elements and ricochets I feel like the tsunami sometimes struggles at tearing the heaviest mobs apart. Again, I might be biased: with that build I managed to complete the scaled TD only when using the tsunami.

What’s your epic tag? I think my Tsunami actually doesn’t have a sight. And…I have a bunch of it. lol

Nevermind, I have a sight.

same as here: deathf4n

I actually love that sight, is the only one I like to use.
On my ASE rad I have this one:

and I can’t see anything when I am shooting.

I’ll add you later and send you one! :slight_smile:

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it still 25% more damage regardless of weapon. it just some weapon are better procing that 25% . of course u can get million damage from crit chaining , but in the long run it still 25% .

even we factoring 30% , it still didnt get much better . 25% x 30% is 7.5%. to get a crit off a grenade .
this com cannot be reliable at dealing damage , it either worse or skyrocket and most of the time worse .

It is useful as a source of vampyr healing aside from relying on the bugged out MoD. And the damage increase is reasonable. And an occasional one shot. RNG baby.

does tsunami do splash damage?

No :frowning:

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Thanks Mahtyo, looking forward to getting creative with her builds