Question about interaction of Transformer, Elemental Projector, and Infusion [Answered]

Edit: So I decided to do some research and I got some interesting answers.

So I’m working on a build that includes both Transformer and Elemental Projector Artifact. I want the Transformer for self healing and the Elemental Projector for damage increase.

So far, I have an Incendiary and Corrosive weapon as well as a Sellout to burn or melt myself. This has been working great and everything goes according to plan.

Getting electrocuted however, seems to be difficult. I want to be able to both heal myself and electrocute myself in some way in order to buff shock damage. I have found that the points my class mod puts into Conflux CAN electrocute me sometimes if I burn or melt myself. But directly trying to electrocute myself doesn’t work.

I was wondering if Infusion can work similarly to Conflux in electrocuting myself when I also burn or melt myself. So then the plan would be to burn/electrocute myself and then switch to a high damage shock weapon.

Now, I have done some testing and this seems to work. But i was wondering if anyone has tried this and knows more about the interactions. Specifically:

  1. The 183% more elemental damage. Does this come BEFORE or AFTER Infusion. This matters. Suppose a weapon would normally do fire damage. Doing the increase before would result in more damage since the extra damage is calculated before the conversion. Doing it after would result in less damage since the increase would come after the conversion with the converted damage being a different element and missing out on the buff.

It doesn’t matter. If you have a FIre weapon with Fire Infusion, then you are doing the same bonus damage as without Infusion. If you have a Fire weapon with Shock Infusion, then it will convert part of it to shock. However since you will light yourself on fire and electrocute, both elements receive buffs. You can’t light yourself on fire without electrocuting yourself.

  1. Does the electrocute happen at the same rate as the burn and melt chance of my gun? Does it always apply both DOTs together?

You will always get both DOTs applied at the same time. I was unable to get one without the other.

  1. What is the math behind the lowered DOT damage of same elements that I read about? If I have shock as my AS element, what will happen to the DOT of the shock gun I use?

Unsure still

  1. If my gun is low level, can the Infusion electrocution potentially be more than the gun’s electrocution? Which would take place in this case?

Unsure still

  1. Are there any other interactions, for better or for worse, that I should be aware of?

YES! See below.

  1. Are there other ways, for better or for worse, to get this working?

Adding Infusion and setting it to Shock allows you to apply electrocution to yourself with any Shock splash damage! So while the Transformer normally does NOT allow you to apply electrocution, using infusion with the shock element bypasses this and allows you to use Elemental Projector with heals!

This is how I plan to set up my class. A little damage lost via Infusion DOTs will be worth it if I can heal myself with shock and also do extra damage via shock. But it may not be worth it if you’re not willing to keep up the DOT.

Thank you.

I had similar results as you. Elemental Projector and Mindfulness Questions + Others

Little thing you probably should know is:
If you relog and try to use a shock weapon with shock infusion you wont be able to shock yourself/absorb your own bullets. If you put on fire for a second and take it off it starts working again.

Also sth i didnt try but noticed lately is, that my healing with shocksplash is exactly the same wether i have Tempest skilled or not. So it might be that Elemental Projector doesnt increase your heal. Also with 1 Infusion i lost about 15% selfheal per shot.

I actually quit the game and reloaded a few times and the results were the same. With one point in Infusion I was able to always shock myself when any DOT would be applied. It worked really well.

What I also found out was that the “free” conflux I get from my class mod is extremely detrimental. If I go to heal and electrocute myself with a powerful shock weapon (trevanator), I will sometimes randomly ignite or melt myself. The DOT damage seems to scale with the damage that would have been dealt, so the resulting ignite or melt DOT does a ton of damage to me. I end up having to constantly shock myself to keep my shields up, which might again cause me ignite or melt.

I don’t have an idea of how to avoid this. I can farm for a phasezerker without conflux, but that’s a pain. I could also give up my Transformer, which would also be a pain. If I use only my low level sellout to electrocute myself, I lose the massive self healing I wanted.

Yeah i was specifically talking about shocking yourself with a shock weapon and shockinfusion. And i also noticed the massive dot you inflict with any other infusion or weaponelement. So with infusion youre basically limited to a pure shock only build.

It’s scaled to the damage of the weapon that applies the DOT (or maybe the DOT of the gun?). So I have a low level (26) sellout that can apply Burn or Melt. This allows me to apply a tiny DOT of either Burn or Melt + Electrocution in order to do massive damage on 2 elements at a time.

Shocking myself with a powerful weapon (trevornator) will apply a massive Electrocution DOT, which is fine, and heal me too. But sometimes due to conflux I end up applying a massive Burn or Melt DOT that hurts a lot.

If I turn the AS element to fire, I can do the same thing. Apply a small Electrocution DOT and get a Burn DOT as well. However, if I apply an Electrocution DOT with trevornator, I will always create a burn DOT as well (similar to conflux being sometimes) and that will hurt a lot.

So yes, I have to keep the AS as shock if I do this. Which is okay I think. Nothing else I do can provide the boost that Elemental Projector does. I just wish I didn’t have conflux to deal with.