Question about invincible's and seraph crystals

Recently my brother and I have been trying to get seraph crystals by killing the invincible bosses. I have killed Pyro Pete twice and my brother has recently killed Hyperious. On all 3 occasions, neither boss dropped any legendary guns (not that big of a deal), none of them dropped any seraph crystals, and none of them even dropped any loot worth picking up. For raid bosses, I thought they would drop way better loot, especially seraph crystals. How are you supposed to get enough seraph crystals for a weapon if the invincible bosses are not dropping any?

Edit: We are only in normal mode right now.

Are you in uvhm?

forgot to specify, we are only in normal mode right now.

They only drop in uvhm

I think if you do the Ancient Dragons of Destruction on Normal they will drop one of Omen/Stinger/Blockade every time. No crystals, but all of these are decent items. Plus the fact that you’ll get tons of eridium and all the dice-chests to open afterward.

You are correct, as I do this on normal to farm eridium for mules. If you are doing this in normal with a high enough level character all treasure will drop at max for normal, which seems to be level 35…

as Derch says the Crystals will only drop from the Raid Bosses in UVHM, you can however get Crystals in NVHM and TVHM by playing the eridium slots in Moxi’s bar in Flamerock, but that method is very slow as the payout is 3 or 4 Crystals per hit.