Question about "invite friends link"

I want to ask only one question and I know that this topic can actually be useless for someone.
But I still want to try and I hope that somebody will give me solutions to this question.

I want to be honest, I’m not so sociable person, still I have friends, but not enough to get 25 friends limit.
So, I want to ask where I can put my invite link, that more of the people will notice it. Example, should I put my link to Twitter, Reddit or Facebook?

I don’t know is that legal to ask other people about that, but I so want to buy these 1st season cosmetics for Moze, that I’m ready to do anything, except spamming, I don’t want to spam my link in everywhere, cuz spamming is not good. I just want some site, where I can freely put my link that nobody will think bad about me.

Don’t feel bad. I can’t even cut and paste the link to e-mail in the first place.

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Twitter, Facebook, Discord, various website profiles. I think some content creators actually share community links because they have hit their 25 limit.

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Well yes, that’s sad, but if you have motivation to search different way, how to get friends point, there’s can be a chance to success.

Hmm, That’s helpful information, i don’t even think about that. I’m very appreciate your help!