Question about Kleese's shield heals

Does anyone know if his shield heals scale with anything? Any good items for a support Kleese if not?

I’ll double check later but heal power should increase the pulse effect. Other than that get the helix option (rank 4 I believe) that makes them link.

If it does increase the pulse effect, it isn’t listed in the ability screen in-game. Just tested it. Shield heal before: 88. Shield after a 14% boost: 88. So it didn’t change.

Ah, that’s a bummer. Surprised it doesn’t considering it’s a healing effect. Looks like rift link is only way then.

I’m really curious about this as well. It says “restores shields” under energy rift, but helix #1 says heal friendly target’s shields. 2 different wordings. If its considered healing, all heal power gear should increase the shield heals I would hope.

I tested it. shield heal for rifts: starts at 88. 14% healpower item with 0 shard cost. Final shield heal remained at 88.

Shield healing is not affected by %Heal power or %Heal received.

Kleese’s shield restore value is based entirely on his %Skill damage value. This includes the shield ‘healing’ augment for Mortars, their shield restore value is the exact same as their damage value.

Build skill damage, max shields and cooldown if you can.

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In Pvp you should aim for Max Shield, Shards Income and skill damage

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