Question about Kunai

I understand that if you fire all 4 Kunai at the same thing, it adds 80% to damage. If the thing is already Deathmarked, does it go up to 100%? Or does the first Kunai basically replace the deathmark with it’s own, so if deathmarked to 20%, first Kunai doesn’t really have an effect (simply replacing one with another)?

But, on the other hand, can you Deathmark one thing, go into Deception, and Kunai a second thing, and have 2 things Deathmarked? I would think so, since you can Kunai 4 different things, one each. So could you, in theory, have 5 things Deathmarked at once?

I heard you can only have one thing Deathmarked at a time, and even if a second Zero Deathmarks someone, it will cancelthe first Zeros. But I was reading something else that said that multiple Zeros can Kunai the same thing and have it all add together.

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I think that the default rule for Deathmark takes over in that situation.

“only one Deathmark can be applied at one time”

So, you melee: applies Deathmark
Melee again: new DM replaces old DM
Hit with Kunai: first Kunai replaces melee DM

Kunai does not follow that rule. However melee DM’s can only have 1, but it counts the first Kunai as the next melee.

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I kind of figured that.

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