Question about large ships / cruisers offered in game

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the whole Homeworld scene, and I have a couple of questions if the community doesn’t mind answering them : )

I’ve always been interested in the beam, laser, ion cannon attacks, and the reason I started this thread was because I have stumbled across ships like the Sajuuk, progenitor dreadnought, even the huge custom made super dreadnought which looks like a lego block, shooting out huge beams at its target (although I agree its a little bit too big and overpowered… and pretty ugly tbh, but you get the general idea).

I used to play a lot of freespace 2 back in the day, and I’m sure fans of that franchise appreciate and have always dreamed of blasting past their enemies with a single powerful laser beam : )

So finally to my question, are the battlecruisers the largest ship the game has to offer? Also, will we see or be able to use ships similar to the sajuuk, dreadnoughts and such? It doesn’t have to be the same frankly, anything that shoots a huge laser beam then I’m all in. I hope the modding community have something of such in the works, or am I somehow misinformed, and that indeed the remastered version has something to offer already?

Any help will be appreciated : )

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Battlecruisers/Heavy Cruisers (depending on HW1 or HW2) are the biggest combat ships you can build normally, in the non-modded standard game.

Um spoilers, But yes yes you do as part of the story.
In MP you have only your normal fleet. In a modded game ANYTHING you want :smile:

Ahh ok I see. I came across this recently and I was wondering if the same can be applied to the Remastered version of Homeworld?

It apparently lets you build whatever ships you want by editing some lua files in your computer. However, i’m an absolutely moron when it comes to this stuff - if anyone can enlighten me as whether or not it can be done once Remastered is out in 11 ish hours.

That should be a pretty easy thing to do. I expect there to be a few mods to let you muck around with the singleplayer, I know I enjoyed playing HW2 with Sajuuk from the beginning just for it’s sheer overpowerdness. It may even be possible to have it available in Homeworld 1 now…

I’m also a Freespace 2 fan, the beam weapons in that game are still unmatched. While Homeworlds were neat, they never really had the same impact. The remastered version won’t have changed them a lot, but they do now illuminate any surfaces along their path, which is a very pretty effect. It was always fun to focus on a large ship during a huge battle and watch it fire it’s ion cannons, so that should still be the case.

So are you asking if there will be modding support?
Answer yes.

Will there be a mod that allows use of all ships.?
Sure that is a easier mod to make. No reason to think it will not be done. You could do it also.

Will mods add additional ships?
Yes, most definitely.

Though I am kinda wondering on the fixation on just this one element?
This is a great game being able to use the few ships you can’t use in single player is not a good reason not to get the game. There will be modding support. All sorts of mods will be made. A all ship mod will be the least of them.

Thanks for the clarification ta_erog! You mentioned that I could do it to, however, I have no experience at all in modding or editing scripts - if thats whats required of me. Would you care to shed some light whether its just editing a notepad, or are there scripts involved?

Appreciate the feedback

In Homeworld 1 it was more or less a question of editing a few files with notepad and switching ships in the existing slots (they were limited so no additional ships but different ones).

Homeworld 2 was much more friendly here because literally any ship could be built by anyone.
You had to mod just a few scripts such as reasearch, build and so on for each race, plain text editor.

Literally that easy, once you know what you’r doing and without that much programming knowledge too: I was 13 when I first edited those, I think anyone can learn how to…
New ships of course require modelling skill and a lot more efforts to implement, unless you have them done by someone else.

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What SAAA said!

The files are all text, and you do not even need to edit a script as the files for these are just all data files. (ie a file with a ship name, class, HP, speeds, weapon list, etc - allot of these files are just a long list of parameters for that ships, weapons, tech, etc)
And to add a ship you can just add that ship to the build list of one of your constructions ships. Then make a dup of that ship and set it to be of that side. And change anything else you want too.
If you want to get fancy, add a required tech that will need to get researched to build it. (gain just a entry here or there.
Nothing complex. The biggest thing is a list of definition of what each entry is and what is the expected value(s) that can be assigned to it. Most are very self explanatory others need that full description. (and all that should be ours with the modding tools - and even if they are not we have what they where from HW2 and we should be able to find any changed rather quickly.
So, again rather easy and something you should try. Good luck!

Thanks everyone, I’ll give it a go and see what I can do : )

One of my first goes at editing game files was the rules.ini files of the C&C series, myself. That was another game series that used notepad-editable game files for modding. Could make some really crazy unit concepts, though some ideas I had were limited by the engine (flying sub carrier, for instance, was unfortunately a bit much for Red Alert 2 engine- the sub tries to submerge while fighters are deployed, the fighters died, if I recall).

More games should be as easy to mod as these classics.

Anyway, good luck with the editing after release, and have fun!