Question about laser disker?(ps4)

Can laser disker be acquired from the grinder, can anyone confirm this? Also if anyone has a laser disker lvl 70 will you be willing to trade it?

it is. AFAIK, you have to grind 2 claptrap oranges and a purple. chances are very low.

That’s cool I actually have three legendary dlc weapons, trying to farm shadow tp but its damn near impossible to get him to drop the laser disker, especially when you’re trying to fight the game crashes.

I wish I could just find someone who has one lvl 70.

never noticed any game crashes

Alright, c’mon. None of that business. :wink:

On ps4 it crashes at shadow tp for me every so often.

its all in fun. that one was the least funny and thus least offensive of my master race pics.

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Yea, I figured as much. :wink:

i do have some nice ones:D though if you could shed some light on his disker grinder issue, that’d be great, since i’m also curious about claptastic voyages oranges.

Yes, please do lol. Farming sh4dow tp is not working at all.